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Operation and maintenance service of 5 turbochargers with a power of 90,000 HP's on an offshore platform

TFS participated in the pioneering and innovative project of a platform located in the Gulf of Mexico in the Cantarell oil and gas exploration and production complex.

In a First stage, we installed, commissioned and started the 5 natural gas compression trains with a capacity of 90 thousand HP and 250 MMPCD for a Siemens SGT-400 13.4 MW Turbine equipment and Siemens STV compressor.

In TFS we operate and also manage the predictive and preventive maintenance program under the scheme of our innovative Turbine Care methodology of the following equipment:

  • SGT-400 gas turbines.
  • 10 Siemens centrifugal compressors. 3 process modules (BOP).
  • Fuel gas conditioning system. Condensate System.
  • Instrument air system.
  • Gas measurement system.
  • Burner gas system.