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Machining and manufacturing capacity

The TFS Turbine Repair Workshop is located within an industrial warehouse fully equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology. The distribution of specific areas and capacities is described below.

Maneuver Area

– Gantry Crane @ 30 Ton

Lathe Area

– Parallel lathe with a turning capacity of 1200 mm

– Parallel lathe with a turning capacity of 600 mm and a maximum length of 2000 mm

– Parallel lathe with a turning capacity for pieces up to
500 mm  diameter and a maximum length of 2000 mm

– CNC Parallel Lathe model TK36S-750 with turning capacity of 12”

– Vertical Lathe with turning capacity of 1450mm

Milling Area

– Vertical / Horizontal Turret Milling Machine (Universal) with 13” x 60” bench Model X6330 (1360)

– Milling machine with vertical turret with work bench measures 54″ x 12″ model TM-5S

Boring Machine Area

– Boring Machine modelo W100A

Grinding Area

– Cylindrical grinding machine with automatic displacements for interiors and exteriors with a 1000 mm bench, Model RUR 1000

– Flat surface grinding machine Model RTRC1000 MM

CNC machining center

– CNC Vertical Machining Center with a working area of 500mm x 1050mm and strokes in X, Y and Z of 800mm x 500mm x 500mm

Shotpeaning Equipment

– Sandblasting IntecBlast RR-29T and Sandblasting IntecBlast RR-XIB

Dynamic Balancing Area

– Dynamic Balancing Equipment in 2 axys. Model HM4BU/CAB820 with a capacity up to 3 ton

– Crane @ 3 Ton


– ARC SPRAY Thermal Coating Equipment
Model TCV 400-8830MHU

– Thermal Coating Equipment HVOF, Model DJ-HIBRIDA 2700 with powder dossifier 9MP-DJ and gas control unit DJFW

– Robotic Arm Modelo M-16I / controller RJ3
Weight capacity of 16 kg and reach of
1667 mm

– Rotative Bench up to 630 mm diameter for coating application

Providing support, compliance and efficiency in turbomachinery